Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Vain - Ænigma (Album Teaser, 2013)

Dammn!! First thing I've heard from this band is this teaser and there's so much to love here! 

Just by listening this teaser I can hear some prog death à la Gojira, melodic death à la Insomnium, well sung cleans, sexy as fuck black metal riffage, at some point the atmoshere actually reminded me of Behemoth... and a motherfucking
saxophone (or sexophone rather) in the middle of all this. On top of all that the ending of the teaser sounds enourmous. 

 Overall this is promising as all hell - They are clearly not kidding with the work: "Versatile" in the teaser!

Progressive death/black metal, Norway. 
Gotta check this release for sure!

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  1. huuuuhhu, kuulostaa kyl perkeleen hyvälle (y). -