Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Crescent - Risti (2013)

Finnish Black Metal. The musical and the magickal continuation of Enochian Crescent. 2012 Band signs a deal with Spinefarm Records and records 10 new songs for the new album. But this year means also the end of an era as vocalist Wrath leaves the band and the rest of the group continue under the name of The Crescent with Hellwind Tuonenjoki (Sacrilegious Impalement / Desolate Shrine) as their new frontman.

Their sound is pretty unique which by all means is not a easy task these days at any musical genre. Here's few things I want to mention about this release;

First of all there are songs with both Finnish and English lyrics/vocals on this album. 
Also one notable are the choir/chorus parts à la Moonsorrow for example in the song "Kahdeksas Kuoro".
Clean vocals are also present in some of the songs, most remarkable in the epic ending track "Risti" witch is partially sung with poignant clean vocals and partially with more common sorrowful/harsh shrieked vocals, + the song actually starts with acoustic guitar and has piano in the background. Highly recommended release overall. 8/10 (Really liked it).

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