Thursday, February 28, 2013

Summoning - Minas Morgul (1995)

Summoning is an epic atmospheric black metal band from Vienna, Austria. Their style has been described as Tolkien black metal - not without reason, for the lyrics on most of the albums they have published deal with the mythological world of J.R.R. Tolkien.

"Minas Morgul" is the second full length album by Summoning. The band and many of their fans consider this album to be their debut album as it developed the Summoning-sound and brought the band to a larger audience.

 Sample: "Marching Homewards

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vreid - Welcome Farewell (2013)

New Vreid album "Welcome Farewell" is out!

For me this beats their previous album "V" right from the start. Amazing lead quitars, and variety in songs. This may very well stay at the top branch of this years releases.  "Milorg" still being my favorite from Vreid. That's an album I simply can't get enough.

Vreid has not gone wrong once - quality melodic black metal / black n roll from Norway!

Sample song: "The Devil's Hand"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Terveet Kädet - Ääretön Joulu (1982)

hardcore punk
1982 | Finland | ★★★

01. T. Tuho
02. Pissaa Ja Paskaa
03. Onnellisia Kytkentöjä
04. Musta Jumala
05. Outo Maa
06. Haistelijat
07. Tornion Kevät
08. Utopia

update: sample added: "T. Tuho"

Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All (2011)

Progressive/technical death metal from New Zealand. (This is also in my 2011 top list #3).


Massive death metal release. Haunting and unique atmosphere through the album. Must listen, especially if you're death metal-head.  Finally the vinyl is out and ordered already. Fuck yeeeah! 

sample: "Dead Oceans"

Friday, February 22, 2013

Torture Killer - Phobia (single)

"Here we go... the title track of the new album. It´s a short one and to the point, when we thought which song would be fitting as the first real sample of the album - this one just seemed like the obvious choice. Hope you guys like it. We really do appreciate all the support you can give us so if you dig it - please consider buying it. We are aware it´s not how things work these days but we want you to know we honestly value all the support all you good people have given us. Thank you. "
Torture Killer official

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Secret - Agnus Dei (2012)

"A true ode to the apocalypse able to eclipse the sun, turning the earth into a desolate place banished by plagues and death."

First band that to me has the same kind of apocalyptic brutality in their sound as Anaal Nathrakh does. 
Blending the most dark elements from crust, grindcore and black metal
Gotta check all their album(s) for sure - I recommend you do the same!

“Seven Billion Graves” (official video)

The Blood of Heroes - The Waking Nightmare (2012)

The Blood of Heroes second album: "The Waking Nightmare" // Experimental breakcore.

A  M  A  Z  I  N  G     T  U  N  E  :  “I Love You But I Chose Darkness”

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Woodkid - I Love You (official video)

The master of epic music videos Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid) is back with another masterpiece! 

Third outstanding video and still no album out?! But it's finally coming this year!
"On December 15, 2012, Lemoine announced the beginning of his debut album recordings on his Facebook account. The album was named The Golden Age.

Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit (2010)

One of Agalloch's most haunting songs recorded: 
"Black Lake Niðstång"

Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre (2012)

More dirty old school thrash from Norway!  Title track: "Rise, Vulcan Spectre". Very impressive album this one!
"The band are sick and tired of all the fashion thrash metal bands that have emerged the last years and have a vision to show the good old thrash, with inspiration from Destruction, Sadus and Kreator.

Deathhammer - Onward to the Pits (2012)

Old schooooool speed/thrash metal with a bit of blackness in their sound....                  
                                                                    ..Yes you guessed it - they are from Norway.

Sample track: "Army of Death"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Darkthrone - Leave No Cross Unturned (single)

First single from Darkthrone's upcoming album: "The Underground Resistance" !

Clearly a step further to the heavy metal sound, atleast this nearly 14minute song :O 
I love their crust punk stuff, but this is also gold and the crusty punk rock isn't completerly gone either.
The Underground Resistance vinyl pre-ordered.

These guys can't go wrong. Ever.

Alkerdeel - Hessepikn (video)

Taken from 'Morinde' (2012)   -    Black/Sludgy doom metal from Belgium !

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Merrimack - The Acausal Mass (2012)

French black metal scene is fucking huge nowdays!
Found this from the MetalStormAwards: black metal category just now.
Sounds pretty goddamn good, and gotta love that cover art too!

Listen full album here:

Metal Storm Awards 2012 - voting is up.

 Yay! Another year of the ever growing Metal Storm Awards!

Another great way to find some quality bands/releases. Go Register >> Vote, Or Die! 

There are some stupid stuff going on in the awards: Sludge & Stoner metal = one category - Why the fuck I ask!? Black Breath is in death metal category, although in my opinion it's more hardcore/thrash than death, and the worst part is that the album title is actually mistagged; "Sentenced for Life" =D Anaal Nathrakh in grindcore, but not in black metal :/ Dunno...

..Well I've found some bands already and thats the more important thing for me here.

Gojira - From the sky (Live at Bordeaux)

Gives me chills every time!! Double bass madness...

My favorite live dvd/bluray out there (From Flesh Alive).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Amenra - Nowena I 9.10 (official video)

Now finding so many of these awesome 2012 releases (after the list was supposed to be done). Honorable mention for sure!

Very dark sludge metal from Belgium. Along with rather creepy stopmotion animation by Stef Cuypers (animation & edit) and Mathieu Vandekerckhove (edit).

Album: "Mass V" (2012).

Kvelertak - Bruane Brenn (official video)

First single from Kvelertak's forthcoming second studio album!

Song: "Bruane Brenn". Album: Meir (Available in March 2013)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Royal Thunder - CVI (2012)

Fuck yeah... First notable band I spotted from Metal Storm Awards!
Very nice stoner/doom with female vocalist. I've only hear this one track and I already love this band.

Song: "Blue" | Album: "CVI" | Year: 2012 | Country: UK

Royal Thunder   CVI (2012)

This could very well be the best stoner metal release of 2012. Have not really came across anything that sounds as good as this. I need to check the full album of course.

(Shame they've got stoner and sludge in one category at the awards.Two totally different styles if you ask me!)

Behexen - By the Blessing of Satan (2004)

Raw Finnish black metal.

Current line-up is:
Hoath Torog - Vocals (Sargeist)
Shatraug - Guitars (Horna / Sargeist)
Wraath - Guitars (Celestial Bloodshed / One Tail, One Head)
Lord Sargofagian - Bass (Baptism)
Horns - Drums (Sargeist)

sample: "Under The Eye Of Lord"

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wolfuneral - Mother North (Satyricon Cover)

Wolfuneral is an ambient black metal band from Italy.
Did not expect this song to be covered, just because. But heyyy - This works!

Rotten Sound - Self (official/live video)


I've missed too many Rotten Sound gigs, now I finally see these crazy grinders live!

Dopethrone - Dark Foil (2011)

AWESOME stoner-doom/sludge metal fROM Cänädä!

listen below: Zombi Powder

ps. just noticed they released third album "III" in 2012. gotta get that asap!

Armed for Apocalypse - Defeat (2009)

Armed For Apocalypse is a sludge metal band influenced with elements of Pantera-esque groove metal from Chico, California that formed in 2008.
Sample track: "The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Men"