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Waldemar von Kazak - Digital art


Russian digital artist Waldemar von Kazak skirts the gamete of controversy, surrealism and social commentary, using sexual tension and bizarre characters to capture viewers’ imaginations.

Sairas T - "Huudit" (music video)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Ghosst(s)" (BO3 S&Dmini)

"I've watched this ghost so long
It feels like home to me
We've seen him wail
He keeps his tail tucked in between"

music: Lorn - "Ghosst(s)"

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Death pays a visit. [Toxic Vision]

If she comes to take me when I die...
I'm totally fine with it !

Death is sexy as fuck!

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Chelsea Wolfe - "Survive"

You said you won't break my heart
Unless you do
You said you won't fall apart
Until the end

Did we travel all this way
Just to survive?
Did you stay another day?
We could survive

All the sinners and the saints
Move in the same direction
They walk in place
Until the end

Ramble on this barren place
We call our home
Dreams of endless landscapes
Morphing in love

Behexen — "Mouth of Leviathan"


Nocturnal Depression — Spleen Black Metal (2015)

Coldworld — "Winterreise" / "Schmerzensschreie"

 M e l a n c h l i e² 

Kenji Kawai - "Ghost In The Shell"

ghost in the shell

Ash Borer — "In the Midst of Life, We Are In Death"

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rotten Sound - Abuse to Suffer (2016)

"Sounds like throwing instruments down strairs, while someone is fucking a bear." 
- unhappy listener

Unhuman Disease - De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis (2016)

Kvelertak — "1985"

Chelsea Wolfe — "Hypnos"

The understated “Hypnos” is a just-released B-side to 2015's colossal Abyss. Here, Wolfe does something maybe harder, as she claws at the catastrophes within her own soul, not the outside world. It's pulled along by wide-open fingerpicking and quaking atmosphere, featherlight in form and heavy with unsayable experience. “Oh baby, I’ll carry your disease/ The darkness that lives inside you deep,” she sings, her voice both shivering and forthright, “Oh honey, I’ll put up a fight with death/ He’s never coming near my love again.” “Hypnos” begins menacing and air-tight but opens a window as it unspools. It's as if the song itself is a liberating act of admission, arriving at its end with hope, some peace, and a space to breathe.
Jenn Pelly (

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Sweetheart, what have you done to us? (Keaton Henson / Soko)

Keaton's song for Soko (they were dating before this was released):

Soko's response to Keaton: