Friday, September 30, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jalmari - Ante/Anno (2016)

Ooh snap ! Debut album from my good friend; OJJ's many projects: Jalmari  "Ante/Anno" 2016

Hearing this from a former heavy metal drummer who's sound on the electronic scene has always been more or less game music influenced (chiptune, 8bit)... blows me away!

Definitely the most experimental/ versatile album from all his projects, but still one of the most converging albums so far. Well fucking done my friend!

I LOVE how something so calm and beautiful can suddenly turn into something so menacing, dark and angry!  Truly an epic journey of sounds that everyone should hear themselves.

Personal favorites : "SUNS", "Opus Magnum", but this is one of those albums you should always listen from start to finish.

 Excuse me for my English, i know im not a writer, not even at my native language (Finnish).  - Antti / INROK